Hi! Welcome to My Net Worth Blog and thank you for reading.  I enjoy researching financial topics as well as any other topic necessary in life, so I created this blog to share what I am learning.  Time equals money, so if I can save someone else a few hours of research and make their life easier, I’m thrilled.  My time is your money! I hope the posts are helpful and informative.

There are a great number of common Net Worth items we all need to deal with in our day to day lives, general personal finances; auto, house, life insurance; general investments, retirement planning, bill paying, loans….this list is long! However, that list only mentions money-related items, but life is so many other things also. My definition of Net Worth is larger than money. For me, having a high Net Worth equates to a higher quality of life in all areas.    For the purposes of our discussions, I will not spend 5 hours to save a nickel.  My purpose is not to be a cheapskate or the most frugal person on the planet.  But I will shop hard for a good rate on car insurance, or to get a good interest rate on my savings account as these are recurring savings.  If I apply the old real estate adage location, location, location to this website we get..balance…balance…balance.

As a personal example, my wife and I spend quite a bit on our pets (feeding, vet bills, toys, grooming, pet sitter, etc).  If we did not have pets and invested that money, our financial net worth would increase noticeably each month.  However, our personal net worth is actually higher because of the positive value we receive from our pets.  Not everyone enjoys animals, but hopefully you understand the point I am making.  As a result of this philosophy, we will discuss any topic that adds value and increases our Personal Net Worth.   Hopefully you can assist me in exploring this concept via your comments.

Let me know what is on your mind and thanks for visiting!

Helping You Save Time, Save Money, and Enjoy Life!