Alaska Kodiak Hand-Fired Anthracite Coal Stove Usage

As a followup to my initial post, Coal Heat Is The New Alternative Energy – Say No To Oil And Propane, I created a spreadsheet to record statistics for the remainder of this heating season.  I just finished formatting it and uploading it.  Here is a description of the columns:

IN TEMP: Indoor temperature.
OUT TEMP: Outdoor temperature.

EMPTY ASH PAN: Notation of when I empty the ash pan.
OTHER NOTES: Description of maintenance steps or other actions.

TIME (MIN): Number of minutes dedicated to stove.
TOTAL TIME (MIN): Total accumulated minutes.

LOAD LBS.: Pounds of coal loaded.
TOTAL LBS.: Total accumulated pounds of coal used.

$$$ PER LB.: Average price per pound.
$$$ PER LOAD: Cost per load.
TOTAL $$$: Total accumulated cost.

Click here to display the spreadsheet.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

2 thoughts on “Alaska Kodiak Hand-Fired Anthracite Coal Stove Usage”

  1. im considering buying a recond. 1998 kodiak III.
    I is advertised as 80 hrs on a full load of 120# of coal at low burn.

    What is the longest burn youve gotten from a full load on yours

  2. i can definitely go a couple days on low. i load it up with about 40-50 pounds nut coal. on high burn during coldest weather i use about 40 pounds per day. i think the old kodiak model is different than the one i have, but you would need to verify with the company, i am not sure. performance really all depends on outside weather, how it is drafting, etc.

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