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Coal Heat Is The New Alternative Energy – Say No To Oil And Propane

  Made in U.S.A!

Many of us are fed up with sending all of our American dollars overseas to China for product manufacturing, India for office workers, and the Middle East for oil.  Well, we can definitely take steps to bring our dollars back to America if we make the proper choices.  This post is about one of those choices – stop sending your hard-earned dollars to middle east oil sheiks.

Start Using Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs – A Green Net Worth Booster

No – by “green” I am not referring to dollar bills.  Well, not entirely.  Using fluorescent light bulbs will save money in the long run, although they do cost more upfront.  Basic home fluorescent light bulbs have come a long way down in price.  For example, on Bulb Americayou can buy ten 20 watt compact fluorescent light bulbs for $21.95 (see end of post for coupon code to save even more) which is only slightly over $2.20 per bulb and they only use a third of the electricity!

High Yield Online Savings Account Review – HSBC Direct

UPDATE January 21, 2010:  HSBC Direct Renamed – HSBC Advance is the New Name


I have used the HSBC Direct High Yield Online Savings Account for several years now.  They have always been in the top tier of interest rates, without offering unnaturally high initial rates that are unsustainable.  I have signed up for other online savings accounts over the years; however, I selected HSBC due to the following reasons: