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Looking for a FREE Federal tax e-filing option? I found it – the old and reputable firm CCH has a website called CompleteTax and is offering a free online service to prepare and file your 1040EZ return this year.

Giving Customers More

CompleteTax’s four guarantees – Maximum Refund Guarantee, Accurate Calculations Guarantee, Price Lock Guarantee and Satisfaction Guarantee – provide assurance that taxpayers are getting a dependable and quality online tax preparation product. In addition, for the 2010 income tax season, CompleteTax is offering taxpayers even more options to save on their income tax preparation, including:

  • Free Premium federal online tax return for the unemployed. To lend a hand in tough times, customers who received unemployment benefits in 2010 can use CompleteTax Premium federal for free.
  • Free Premium federal for those switching from other online tax products. Taxpayers successfully importing their 2009 TurboTax®, TaxACT® or H&R Block Online® return to CompleteTax can use the CompleteTax Premium federal for free – adding even more incentive to make the switch.
  • Free federal return for taxpayers owing the IRS. Customers owing money to the IRS can use any CompleteTax federal product absolutely free, helping to ease some of the pain of owing taxes.
  • Expanded free online tax prep for Basic customers. In 2009, CompleteTax offered both a free and a Basic product to file taxes online. This year, CompleteTax is now offering Basic for free, providing customers with more features and functions at no cost.
  • New Premium MVP federal + state bundle. New for 2010 is the CompleteTax Premium Maximum Value Package (MVP) which bundles a federal and state tax return together to deliver the greatest value in one convenient package.

CompleteTax also continues to offer a Deluxe product, which is ideal for those who itemize their deductions, have investments, or have retirement.

“Many people have had a rough 2010 and others are heading into tax season with some anxiety – including those who may owe taxes or who are unhappy with tax software from other providers,” said Lundberg. “By raising the bar on value, we are making it easy and appealing for taxpayers to use CompleteTax and take advantage of all the great features we offer.”

CompleteTax is owned by CCH.  CCH is one of the most respected names in the business.   In a job I had over 15 years ago I used CCH products to do income tax research (I am not in that field any longer), so I have a high confidence in CompleteTax as a service provider.

Here is some background:

About CompleteTax Online Tax Preparation

CompleteTax is an online tax software which provides individuals with income tax preparation services in one easy solution. Some features of CompleteTax include:

Electronic Filing
Paying Taxes by Credit Card
Income Tax Estimator
State Tax Returns
Federal Income Tax Forms
Tax Refund Status
Tax Tools and Resources
Tax Planning Tools
Tax Calendar
Online Income Tax Help
Financial Calculators
Online Tax Help Chat Service
Income Tax Tips
Answers for Tax Questions

CCH provides leading tax, accounting and audit information and software solutions.
CCH products track, report, explain and analyze tax and related law in over approximately 700 publications in print and electronic form for tax, accounting and legal professionals.


The CCH brand has been a market leader since 1913, the year the U.S. federal income tax was created.

It is one of the most respected names among accountants, attorneys and compliance professionals.

Five generations of legal and business professionals have considered CCH products among the essentials in any office and critical to keeping up with day-to-day changes in the law.

CCH has made its home in the Chicago area and currently is headquartered in Riverwoods, IL.

Product Offerings

CCH markets approximately 700 products for the U.S. market. Many are subscription publications that are updated daily, monthly or annually.

CompleteTax is an online tax software which provides individuals with income tax preparation services in one easy solution.


Primary customers for CCH’s products are accountants, attorneys, and audit and compliance professionals in firms and corporations. Other major purchasers of these products are U.S. and state government agencies, universities and libraries.

CCH Professionals

Over 4,000 people in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific create and support CCH products.

CCH offices in the U.S. include those in Riverwoods and Chicago, IL.; Washington, DC; New York, NY; Torrance, CA; and Wichita, KS

CCH Publishing staff includes an active news bureau in Washington, D.C. There, beat reporters cover key areas of the nation’s government, including Congress, the Internal Revenue Service and other federal agencies, the Supreme and Federal Courts and the White House.

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