HSBC Direct Renamed – HSBC Advance is the New Name

UPDATE 2/2/10:

I received this official email notification regarding the change:

As of January 30, 2010, HSBC Direct has been renamed HSBC Advance.

This change does not affect your banking activities. Your online deposit accounts will remain exactly the same, with the same features, benefits, and competitive rates… all without monthly fees.

You can now access your accounts at so be sure to update your bookmarks.

Thank you for being a loyal HSBC customer.



HSBC Direct has been renamed to HSBC Advance effective January 30, 2010. I received an email a couple days ago regarding this change of name to HSBC Advance. They did not provide any information regarding why they are renaming the online savings bank. If anyone knows why please post a comment.

The email stated this is a name change only and that HSBC Advance will provide the same rates and services as HSBC Direct.  Perhaps they are standardizing their branding globally.  Large global companies tend to do this to increase brand awareness and build the value of their brands.  I did a quick search and it appears HSBC Advance is already the name used in Canada and the United Kingdom.  They must be bringing U.S. customers into the HSBC Advance ‘family’.

You can see my previous post discussing my HSBC Direct account here:

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Here are direct links to HSBC’s top competitors for a quick comparison:

ING DIRECT (also offering their Orange Checking account)

The Orange Savings Account. Earn high interest. Great rates, no fees, no minimums. Start saving in under 5 minutes.

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