Net Worth Book Ideas

I was browsing Amazon for some books on the subject of Net Worth.  The title and description of this one really caught my eye because it is similar to my philosophy.

Make a Life, Not Just a Living: 10 Timeless Life Skills to Maximize Your Real Net Worth

And this one just made me laugh.  Hhmmm…do I trade in my hard working wife and go for the gold?  NO! 🙂

How To Marry A Multi-millionaire: The Ultimate Guide To High Net Worth Dating

This book about women and finances gets great reviews:

What’s Your Net Worth?: Click Your Way to Wealth

Here is another selection that caught my eye because it attempts to bridge the gap between wealth and ‘life’:

Inner Security and Infinite Wealth: Merging Self Worth and Net Worth

I will let you know if I read any of these. Likewise, please leave comments if you read these, or have other suggested books to share.  If you would like to contribute a guest post giving a review, please contact me.

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