Net Worth Calculator using Excel Template

I created a spreadsheet template you can download and enter in all of your Asset and Liability values.  I included additional rows for personalized items that are not included in the pre-defined categories.  After you download the spreadsheet you can rename those rows if you want.

MyNetWorthBlog’s Automatic Net Worth Calculator

1.  Click link above to open the Google spreadsheet Doc.

2.  Click the File menu item then click Download As…

3.  Click the desired download file format to match the software program you will use to modify the file to add your personal information.  If you have Excel on your computer, choose Excel.  If you have OpenOffice, choose that option.  CVS, HTML, Text, and PDF will not allow you to save and edit the file so do not choose those options unless you are an advanced user who knows what to do with those formats.

4.  When the box opens, click the Save button and select a location to save the file.

5.  Open the file using either Excel or OpenOffice.

6.  Enter your values into the spreadsheet then scroll down to the last row to see the calculated Net Worth.

Enjoy and let me know if you have any suggestions to improve this Excel Net Worth Calculator template!

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