Personal Net Worth Statement Template Form

I put a sample of a personal net worth statement template form up on Google Docs. You can easily download it then add and remove rows at your leisure. Keeping a local copy you can add and remove accounts as needed without re-creating it every time.

Most people, including myself, are afraid to enter all of their personal net worth details into some random online net worth calculator. I much prefer to keep the information locally on my pc in a file that I can update every quarter, six months, or however often you prefer. I use an Excel spreadsheet, but it can just as easily be used in Open Office.

Personal Net Worth Statement Template Form

1. Click the File menu item.

2. Click Download As…

3. Choose either Excel or OpenOffice.

4. Enter your personal information into the template; update row names as needed.

5. Scroll down to the last row to see your total Net Worth.

Now every time you want to update your very own net worth statement worksheet you can do so privately using your customized version of the sample above.

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